Why Lens and Pants?

Let’s start with the name. After trying all my golden ideas about this blog and seeing that every possible name is already taken I started thinking about mixing things up. So what does a (male) photographer  always has with him when he shoots? Well lenses (you would normally say „camera” but „camera” sounds to common) and …pants (because I’m a guy and usually you associate „pants” with a guy – no offence for all of you scots out there)

The whole Photography and Blog idea started recently. It’s not a life dream for me,  I consider this as a future hobby. Maybe more.  I’m a total newbie about Photography and Blogging (at the moment I’m writing this I didn’t even fully customize my blog and as a photo camera I’m using a …Samsung S 3).

This Blog started to keep a close track on my progress. To motivate me to advanced in Photography. To have a great story to tell someday – how it all begin (I’m very optimistic I know).

You’re going to read a lot of crazy ideas. A lot of things I’m doing wrong. I consider my life a learning process. So if at any giving point, you think that I can improve things, please drop me a comment or an e-mail. I would be delighted to hear a new perspective on Photography or Blogging.

It’s Monday today…it’s going to be a great day!


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