Buying a camera

Now the first thing that pops up in your mind when you’re thinking about photography is of course a camera. Since I am a newbie when it comes to this area I started reading articles and watching YouTube videos about different cameras and what they can do. I even went to different photography gear stores to see different cameras and ask the sales team different questions on cameras.

Every photographer out there has a favorite camera, maybe even a favorite brand, different view on photography (some are involved in street photography, landscape photography, portrait photography, products photography and so on). So, the more I read, the more confused I got. Because, if I’m honest, I don’t really know for which type of photography I want to buy the camera.

So, as usually, I turned to my friends. Started asking around, got some valuable tips, but still didn’t find a “golden camera”.

Back to documenting on my own. Started to learn about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, color depth, sensors, basically things that define a camera, characteristics that create a difference between types of cameras. I also read a lot about the eternal question (at least when it comes to newbies starting out in photography): buy a better body with a “so-so lens” or a “so-so body” with a better lens? Turns out that buying a “so-so body” with a good lens is the best option (because apparently the lenses you buy them forever while the body you keep changing).

Finally, some progress.

Setting out a budget for the beginning also helped (I crossed down a lot of options). And how I love numbers, I started comparing different attributes, different values, different scales and different prices.

Below you can find a chart, with my final options.


Did I mention earlier that I settle for a budget? Well, I did – $ 1,000. Since I don’t have any gear in photography and I also need to learn everything about everything, I decided to buy I camera with all the accessories (a bundle offer), equipped with a basic lens and also all the other “toys” – spare batteries, charger, bag, tripod and so on. More than that, I would also like to buy a lens for portrait photography (prime lens). Didn’t read a lot about lenses but I will and I’ll post soon.

I’m thinking about something that is somewhere in the middle – not too cheap with low attributes but also not too expensive somewhere in the middle. A Nikon D 5300 I think it will suit me just fine for the beginning. If I’m buying a bundle offer, I also have enough money left to buy a really good prime lens (for portrait photography).

I think the most important argument in this decision was after all – life experience. I don’t think you should by a very expensive/sophisticated car as your first car. First you need to learn how to drive and then decide what is perfect for you.


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