My future lens

So I decided to concentrate in the beginning on Portrait Photography. It sounds appealing for me because it lets me get out of the house, interacting with people and set up the basics for me as a photographer.

Being an open-minded person definitely I will try to learn as much as I can about Landscaping Photography or Wild Life Photography or Sports Photography or Street Photography or Product Photography or Commercial Photography or other type of photography out there (yes, apparently there are a lot of types of niches) but my center point in the beginning will be Portrait Photography.

I love the idea of going out and interacting with people and take photos, combining the learning experience with the social life. For the moment I think this will work best for me, for the moment I don’t see myself walking around in a forest with Yogi and Boo-boo watching my every move or locking myself up in the house with my little improvised studio taking artistic pictures of a Twinkie or God knows what other product I can get my hands on.

After reading and watching YouTube videos from a lot of pro-photographers out there, I learned some coordinates I need to fallow when I want to buy my next lens.

First, as I mentioned in my previous post, I learned that when you buy a lens, you buy if for a long time (some will even say for lifetime). From this perspective, I’m aware that in the future I will change my camera but I will use the same lens. So that brings me to my second point.

Versatility. The lens I’m planning to buy need to fit my current camera as well as the next camera I will own. Since the camera I’m planning to buy has an APS-C sensor and since this camera runs on DX (cropped sensor) type lens, I would also like to think in the future that my future camera will have a full frame sensor working on FX type lenses.

Third would be the quality. Since I’m planning to use it for a long time, I would prefer a better quality lens for which I’m ready to allocate an important part of my budget.

So at this moment, given the above, my option would be Nikon AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G. It works on both DX and FX sensor cameras. It’s within my budget (I read about lenses going from AED 600 to AED 14.000 so my option currently valued at AED 1.600 I find it acceptable).

It’s very difficult to rate and decide on a product in an industry you know nothing about. After I’ve done my research I came up with this option. I cannot honestly say that this is the best or worst option but since I’m a newbie in photography and I need to start somewhere, I might as well start from here.

For a professional review of this lens you can check out

Ken Rockwell’s review here

Photography Blog’s review here


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