Recap so far and the next step

To make a small recap so far:

I want to approach the “portrait photography”

For the moment I don’t own a camera (but I figure out what I want to buy), I know also what lens I want to buy.

I’m learning continuously about common camera settings (aperture, ISO, shutter speed and so on)

Recently I started fallowing professional photographers (either on their websites or on Pininterest). Check out also their YouTube channels.

I’m doing this for at least 2-3h daily….I know I should dedicate more time but it has been a radical shift in my daily routine so I need to cope with this better first and then I will invest even more time.

I marked today the date when I want to buy the camera: Sept 26th. After my calculations, on the 26th I will have the budget for it.

Until then, I will keep learning, keep researching and trying to keep my motivation/spirit up.


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