My first camera is here

Finally the camera arrived…a few days back…I was a little bit caught up with work so I didn’t had time to play around on it. Yesterday I spent an entire afternoon checking videos online from “how to insert a card in the camera” to “how to shoot in manual mode” and much more. YouTube is full of people that are doing a great job of explaining every little button and option on the camera.

In terms of technical skills regarding the camera I think I “scratched the surface”. As for the other skills I have a long way to go.

By the way, I switched my camera option last minute and I bought the D7100 instead of the D5300 like we agreed I’d buy. I don’t have a logical reason behind this decision I just went with the thrill…sometimes I take passionate decisions not logical ones.

Anyways, I will try to keep a notebook, and I will shoot in different times of the day and different lighting conditions, with different aperture and focus points and ISO and different other options…so I can get an understanding on how the camera reacts in different conditions. And all of this because I don’t want to shoot in “auto-mode” – I’m only shooting in Manual mode (I read it somewhere its better like this – I don’t know if it’s true but we will see).

So in the evening I went out with some friends and try out my skills. Some of the photos were amazingly awful and I think I had a few which I can label them as OK (not good but OK). Below some examples of my first photos.


What can I tell you about the photo … by mistake although I wanted to focus on them I focused on the background… also the timing was very bad (both of the subjects) ….more than that – no flash… more than that – a lot of “noise” in the photo… I was watching the photo in my home and I didn’t find ANY good think I done about this photo

Moving on


Again…focused on the background not on the subject….no flash…this time I managed to improve the timings (at least all of the subjects were facing in the same directions…some of them smiling)…still a lot of noise in the photo…still an awful photo (at least in my standards)

Moving on


It gets better and better….no it doesn’t…I managed to focus on one of the subjects…but because of the shutter speed too slow (and maybe because I was shaking the camera) the other 2 subjects were out of focused….at least this time they were all smiling and the background had a little bit of blur…no flash again (boy it took me some time to realize to shoot with flash) ….I liked the framing and I think it would have been a very nice photo if I’d had all the technical skills to shoot it with the right camera options

Moving on


I think its too bright…and too “noisy”…and not perfectly focused…I didn’t cropped it or Photoshop-ed it (if I can invent a new word)…I used the flash this time (obviously some might say) …I like the pose and the fact that is a little bit tilted…also the subject is smiling….overall its an OK photo….below my desired standards but like my friend use to say “what to do?”


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