Learning focus

Well after the last fiasco in which the focus points were all over the place (except where they needed to be) I’ve worked in the last couple of days on this aspect. In 2 days I shoot about 350 photos (I know it’s a little but some of us have days and night jobs hehehe)

My main target was to learn how the focus works, how to switch from focus on the subject to focus on something in the background or focus on the whole picture in the same time (background plus foreground).

For the moment I’m shooting only in Manual mode, RAW format and I don’t “Photoshop” any of my work only the Nikon D7100 with a VR 18-140mm. I’m uploading photos with full details for my reference.

The metering today was done in one of the two options below


with 1 or 9 focus points for images that require focus on a single spot or


with full 51 focus points and this type of meter when I wanted to keep the whole image in focus.



From my side there are 3 levels on this photo (the towel – 1st level, the water bottles – 2nd level, the a/c – 3rd level). My aim was to focus on the 2 bottles of water and create a nice bokeh effect on the 1st level and 3rd.  Excluding the lack of artistic view and the whole set up of the photo (framing, props), lack of flash, I think I achieved my target.



Again 3 levels on the photo. My main target was the 3rd level, giving a bookeh effect for the first and second.



My aim in this photo was to focus on the second swing, living the first and the 3rd blurred, as well as the background. I like the set up of the photo but I don’t like the framing completely.



The goal in this photo was to have the whole photo in focus. First, second, third swing in focus as well as the background. Background has a little bit of bookeh but I’m working on it.



Again – focus on the bird


And focus on the red and white pole rather than the bird.



In the next one I wanted to focus on the right bird leaving the other out of focus. I succeed – to a certain point.


And again, here I was focusing on the middle pole living the first, third and forth out of focus.


I think its obvious – I wanted the whole image to be in focus with all the elements. I can see in the left one or two poles out of focus but all in all its an OK image (focus wise).


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