Framing and perspective

I wanted today to learn more about different perspectives and framing, so I was thinking what better way to learn than to do some mistakes with the camera?

I went outside with my newest “models” in my future “props” section and started shooting. Let’s call them Ana and Martin. I shoot only in RAW format. Still no Photoshop on the images but just a little bit of tempering with the exposure levels (done in View NX 2). Some of the images were much more brighter than anticipated. I’m using the histogram to reach the desired exposure but sometimes when the sun (or me) change position the subject tends to be more exposed and I forget to change the camera settings. This was one of the key lessons today.

So here we go


This one was tempered with (changed only the exposure Рmaking it a little bit darker). In terms of  framing I got what I wanted. Perspective wise Рits a common image. Nothing stands out. Not entirely happy with the colors and the brightness (with post-processing I think I can yield better results)

And yes, please meet Martin and Ana.


Ana and the orange – I like the framing and perspective in this one. I played around with different focus views as well. I don’t have a lot of experience but I found the Nikon D7100 amazing. I started in the same time discovering different focus points possibilities in the image. Overall an OK photo (still I would work more on the colors, brightness and a more pronounced bokeh effect in the background)


Ana and Martin playing with oranges – I think this was one of my best images today – I’m very happy with the result…the framing came out much more better than I expected (the perspective as well from tilting the camera). The focus on the 2 subjects was completing the image along side with a nice bookeh in the background. Color wise I wouldn’t change much. This is a good image (giving my standards).


Reaching for an orange on the towel – not very happy with the photo. Framing wise was a mess (on the right side its not very aesthetic to see no trees because we run out of bushes and trees, the towel in my vision was supposed to be straight). The image seems to brighten and the colors? Don’t even get me taken about the colors. I like the perspective and the idea but that’s it.


Hugging – not very bright (but not perfect either). Colors can be improves (I would prefer more vivid colors to the grass and bushes). Framing (and perspective wise) I like it. An OK image overall.


Ana reaching after something – again I have a big issue with the brightness and the colors. I like the focus on the face of the subject. Framing and perspective is exactly like I imagine it.


Ana wrapped in the towel – This is another image I’m happy with. Framing and perspective was exactly like I wanted. Colors and brightness this time match the vision. Perfect bokeh on the background (perfect in my standards). It’s a good image. I love this camera!!


Ana reaching – I like the subject if we can say “mimic” on this one. Perspective wise is OK but framing I think I could have done it better. I tempered with the exposure a little bit trying to reduce the light and get some vivid colors.


Ana in Le Bebe t-shirt – the brightness is too high on this one. Like I said I forgot to change my camera settings when I placed the subject in a different stance. Framing wise it’s OK. The grass I would like to be a little bit thicker and greener.


Ana’s baby feet – I like this image. Framing wise, there is a small imperfection (in the right side I could have crop the photo more). Maybe too bright. Colors again I would have liked to be more vivid with a different greenish hue for the grass.


Back to back – the towel, I have an issue with the towel. Its not straight. I think it would have been a much more better photo. Too bright maybe. And certainly I would change the grass color. Framing wise I think its OK.


Ana and Martin saying good night. The only think whats bothering me on this photo is the shadow. I didn’t try using the flash – I don’t know if it would had helped during the day. But it bothers me. Colors are OK (I tempered a little bit with the exposure and tried to fix the colors as well). Framing and perspective is exactly like I’ve picture them.


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