Still learning

I went a couple of days ago to Kite Beach trying to catch my first Dubai sunrise. On the way I realized that the sunrise will not be from the sea side but from the land side. I was not discouraged and I planned to get the best out of this session with…Martin and Ana of course.

I shoot again in RAW with the Nikon D7100. Most of the session I didn’t used any flash. No other photography accessory, just the camera and the lens.

This is what it came out.


This was shoot just as the sun was rising. The lens flare is Photoshoped. I tempered also with the exposure levels. Framing wise and perspective wise I like it. I did also a few shoots with the sun positioned exactly behind their heads. I would have loved the colors to be more vivid. An OK photo overall.


Ana and Martin watching the sea – I modified the image in photoshop deleting the “can buoy” (its a floating ball placed in the water to divide boundaries of both swimmers and boats). There were yellow “can buoy’s” and I wanted to make the sea “clean”. I also cropped the imaged and tempered a little bit with the brightness and exposure levels.


Ana and Martin watching the sea (different angle) – focus point was on Ana living Martin and the background blurred. I would have preferred the colors to be a little more vivid and also the framing with a little more space in the left (exposing more beach and sea).


Ana and Martin watching the sea (different angle) – unfortunately I didn’t capture Martin trying to “hug” Ana (its barely visible). I should have chosen a different angle. In spite of this I like the image overall.

06_zpskrdn1i5p The Burj Al Arab – in the background I wanted to catch the Burj Al Arab but not in focus – focus was on Ana and Martin (I made a few shoots with the Burj Al Arab in focus and the Nikon D7100 did a great job).  I would also cropped more the image in the left side narrowing the gap between the image border and Ana’s hand. I tempered a little bit with the exposure level.


Zoom on Ana – I like the image a lot. I like the warm light on the face and the nice bookeh in the background. Framing and perspective are exactly like I picture it. I think its a good image.


Under the umbrella – I tempered heavily with the exposure, brightness and contrast of the image. Unfortunately I didn’t try also to catch other angles. This is the only perspective I got. Rewinding back the time I feel sorry for not having tried different perspectives.


I like a lot this image. I tempered with the exposure, brightness and contrast levels. The best part about the image is I think the framing and Ana’s pose next to Martin – it feels genuine.


Ana gathering oysters  – Framing and perspective is OK. I shoot multiple instances just to catch also the wave splashing  in the background. This is exactly what I wanted from this image.


Oysters and black rocks – this is a heavily modified image. Exposure, brightness and contrast redefined. Also as you can see the sea is clear (below I attached the imaged with the yacht in the background and the buoys).


The above image has all the original elements on the sea .


Ana receives a gift from Martin – I would modified the colors more to be more vivid. Maybe I would have tried also another perspective (tilting the image a little bit).


This is a broken oyster – in focus – on a pile of sand. Done using the Nikon D7100.


And this is a photo of Ana taken through the broken oyster with the Nikon D7100 and the lens described in the photo. Maybe for a pro this doesn’t look like much. But I was mind blown.

Other conclusions after this shooting? Well I need to build a scenario of poses when I’m going for a shoot. I have a lot of great poses and perspectives on my phone saved from Pinterest but on the spot I forget about some of them. While I was taken pictures I kept remember some of them but I was already in another point with the shooting so I could have not gone back.


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