Beach Poses

Soon I will have to switch from Ana and Martin to real life models. As I will (certainly) not have access to an international model (which knows how to pose and how to “make love with the camera” ) and as I am also (definitely) not an international photographer who knows what to ask from a model, I decided to look for some images which reflect interesting poses.

Most likely I will shoot in the beach side so I searched mainly in this area.

I divided the poses in 4 groups : standing and/or walking, sitting on sand, laid back, in water.

Below its the “pose chart” for each group.

Standing and/or walking


And then “sitting on sand”


and then “laid back”


and finally “in water”


I’ve started compiling images for a photo shoot involving a guy, but honestly I think my chances are zero to none that a guy would request a photo shoot anytime soon.

Disclaimer : I do not own any of the images above or any rights. If any owner or third party involved in owning any of the images above requests removing the respective images from my blog, please contact me using the “contact form” of this blog and I will remove the images no question ask.The images displayed are solely for learning purposes not for making a profit to any entity. Thank you


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