Photo shooting – Early morning

A few days back I ask the help of one of my friends here in Dubai if she can do a little modelling for me so I can practice my photography (I gave Ana and Martin a break).

So for below you can see what happened on Kite Beach with my lovely friend Cara (we decided not to reveal the real name for obvious reasons)


The image is photoshoped – played with the exposure levels, contrast and brightness. I would have loved to work also on the skin but for the moment I don’t know how.


Again the same routine – exposure levels, contrast, brightness. I’m thinking now if cropping differently the image will have a better result?


I like a lot this picture – especially the lens flare (not photoshoped – its 100% real thanks to the Nikon D7100) . I also like the golden sand reflected by the sun and Cara’s warm face. What I don’t like its the fact that I didn’t framed correctly the image (her feet are cut from the photo – no, its not bad cropping its bad framing)


I like the framing in this one and the somehow sadness feel of the image. I went to the extreme with the exposure levels, contrast and brightness to recreate this effect.


I think if I only cropped the part of the image where the face and hands are, I would have got a better result. It bothers me that I don’t know how to recreate a soft skin on the model (similar to the one in any fashion magazine).


Time for a smoke. Played only with the exposure, brightness and a little bit of contrast. Also in the background the sea/ocean its artificially brighten up with a new shade of blue.


This is not quite what I had in mind for this image. Initially the plan was for Cara to look at me while I focus the camera only on her eyes leaving the rest of the body/water out of focus. I like also this one, but its not quite what I imagine it.


The only think I like about this image is the black/white chromatic. Framing is a disaster (one of the hands it’s not in the image completely). In the background you can see those things floating on water (yes, I forgot to erase them). Perspective wise I would have preferred a diagonal shot.


I love the model’s pose in this one. Framing is exactly like I picture it. The image is tempered with but not heavily.


This is actually a crop from my favorite image from the whole shoot.


I just realized now but I’m a little bit obsessed about tilting the camera when I take photos and not only that but tilting it every time in the same direction. I’m having a deja-vu when I’m watching my photos one after the other.


I wish I could have erase from the photo all the building in the background. I would have left only the beach and the ocean. Finally I tilted the camera in a different direction.


The framing its not as per my vision (I wish I could have tilted the camera towards the other side). Skin texture I will certainly modify for the “glamour magazine” look.

This shoot ended a little bit earlier than expected. The camera battery depleted ( I have 2 now as we speak).

I did aprox 380 photos in aprox 2h. In terms of images, Cara picked aprox 10-12% that she claimed were OK.


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