Photo shooting – ghost town

For this session I brought along another spare battery for my Nikon D7100 (the battery model is  EN EL-15 Lithium Ion). Soon I will have to buy also a bigger memory card (currently the one who came with the camera is a San-disk 16 GB Micro SD HC I – 80Mb/S transfer)

The photo shoot lasted approximately 2h 30 min (in which Cara changed approx 4 outfits). I shoot approx 500 photos (all RAW in Manual Mode).

I selected a few (mostly the ones I liked but in the same time the ones that could came out a little bit better). The images mostly have been modified using Adobe Photoshop CS 3 (contrast and brightness).

In this photo shoot I took the advice of one of my friends (he’s an architect so artistic wise he’s much more experienced with the visual arts than me) and I didn’t delete/remove nothing from the pictures and also I stopped with tilting the camera when taking photos (for adding a dynamical feel)


I changed the setting for this photo shoot to higher F-stop (which resulted on a sharper background – on purpose I didn’t want a bokeh effect because of the environment).


In this particular location I think I should have insisted more. I could have also played with the light coming between the bricks. I had a set of images mostly fallowing the same concept but my vision was somehow a little bit different. Still fairly happy with the result. The image was tempered a little bit with it (in terms of contrast, brightness).


In this location, in terms of creativity, I shoot only from 2 different angles. I didn’t try going down and shooting the model from down (maybe because of the dress) but after reviewing some inspirational material from Pinterest I think I could have got some interesting different perspectives. I only tempered with the contrast and brightness. I would have prefer to catch also the pole coming out from the building.


I like the framing and the colors (the models skin complementing the doors and walls color). I forgot to tell Cara to change the legs position in this one. I concentrated only on the face and hands. Still a nice image.


This is not the best image from this set I’ve done in this location but I like it a lot because you cannot see some modern elements behind the model (there were some bathroom pieces that didn’t fit in at all with the environment). Other than that, the image’s contrast and brightness have been modified a little bit.


On of my best images from this photo shoot by far. I like the framing (although I wished I could have catch also the top wooden framing of the door). Maybe it would have been more interesting with more symmetry (the 2 small windows to be symmetrical in the image) but still I love this image. The pose and the whole concept were exactly like I picture them in my mind. The image is modified just in terms of contrast and brightness.


I made a set of photos with this pose and unfortunately the model’s hand is cut in this one (it’s not cut, I cut it by framing it wrong). I have more in the same position but I like the look on the model’s face the best in this one. In terms of modifications – just contrast and brightness levels.


In this one I like the symmetry of the walls (ending in the same spot just behind the model). I also like the way the model poses with the hat on. If I knew how, I will try to modified the colors of the image towards the “glamour magazine” concept.


The funny thing is that I cropped this photo and wanted to post only the bottom side of the image (without whats above the wooden window frame). I hated it. After cropping I decided to go with the full image. There it is. Love the pose in this one.


Again – I wished I could have capture the whole wooden frame in the image. The model had a lot of nice poses in this one but this I like the most. I only played with the contrast and the brightness.


This image is part of a set of images that came out really nice (at least in my standards). I will research a little bit in the future to find out how can I obtained the “fashion glamour magazine” look of an image.


I think it goes really well this concept with the Arabic culture (of covering the faces). Also I like the fact that you can see a glimpse of the blouse in the left. I only played with the contrast and brightness.


I like the model’s look, outfit and make up but framing wise I think I could have done it better. The bars are not align vertically (this was certainly how Id picture it). The image is modified in terms of contrast and brightness only.


I think this is my favorite image from the whole shooting. The framing and perspective is exactly how I wanted. From the left on the elbow you can notice a little bit of light coming in. In the right side, the model’s hair and figure is perfect. And I like a lot the wooden texture of the window.


I was advise to take the picture from this angle and it came out pretty good. The light creates a perfect balance with the room’s darkness. Cara’s outfit is perfect (at leas in my vision) for this set up. The noisy photo can be an advantage or a disadvantage (depending on the viewer I guess).


Just played around with the contrast and brightness levels. My vision about this pic was with the model and the clothes model covered in oil stains (car oil stains) – similar to a mechanic. Since my Photoshop knowledge is limited, I went with only the original image instead.


This particular pose I forgot to use in this photo shoot. I’m glad I used it now because you can also see in the background the material from which the houses were built – clams and mud.


The image has been tempered with – in terms of contrast and brightness. I think also some clouds would have been perfect for this pic – but again, I need to brush up my Photoshop skills.


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