Cropping and post-processing

I went out a few days back to take some photos with Ana and Martin this time. I decided to go in Zabeel Park (its very close to Dubai World Trade Center). I used the same camera, Nikon D 7100 with AF-S DX Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G VR. Only shoot in Manual Mode, with Spot Metering on.The images were modified with Adobe Photoshop CS 3.

In post-processing my goal was to improve photos but in the same time to crop some of them to see if I can discover other great photo perspectives. Below I uploaded the photos before and after processing.


Framing wise its not exactly what I wished for. I would have prefer the left side and the bottom side to be a little bit different. In post-processing I think the image got better. Also I removed the stain from the bench. Played around with luminosity, contrast level as well.


Colors are brighter and the left and bottom edge of the image looks better now – at least in my vision. Also the bench is “clean” now.


I tried also to crop Martin’s upper part – I think on a real human being it will look much better.


The main focus here was to catch them sharp with a bookeh effect. I only played around with the contrast/luminosity as per the image below.


Moving on


I like the original shot in terms of colors and framing. In spite of this I tempered with the contrast/luminosity a little bit trying to bring the colors to life.


I think the result its better than the original.

The next photo has the same set up – more or less.


My aim in this one was to brighten up the colors, blur a little bit more the flower in the left and try to crop the image to see what other image I can obtain. Below its the result after post processing.



I like much more the result after processing.

Moving on.


In this photo I tried to obtain in post-processing brighter colors and a better framing. I cropped the image so the top side would not be visible.


In the next image the goals were the same – brightening up colors and cropping a little bit the image.


The bottom side of the image didn’t fit right in with the rest of the image – at least in my vision. Below is the final result.


I had a a few variations for the next one.


I wanted to “clean” this elements from the stairs to make a more artistic image. Also I modified the luminosity and contrast of the original image. Below is the result.


And the black-white variation.


And after cropping


In this image Martin is actually not in focus – not sharp enough. I wanted the whole picture to be in focus (next time I need to remember to go with f22 and increase the ISO more)


Main goal in this image was to intensify the contrast, reduce the luminosity and “clean” the unwanted elements from the stairs.


And the black-white variation


I’ve tempered here with the shadows accentuating the dramatic effect of the image.


For the next image I planned to brighten up the colors again and to crop the image to see if I can get a better result.


The image looks slightly better. Not entirely happy with the result. Since all the images were processed one after another I think I as beginning to feel tired when I reach this one. I didn’t worked on it until I was completely satisfied with the result.


This one looks much better.


I tilted the camera trying to catch also the stream of water completely. I didn’t bring my tripod with me (a variation of this photo I would have loved to do was with a long exposure so the water from the stream would have been more smooth). Also clearly I would have use a diffuse to reduce the hard light and smooth out the shadows on the subject’s face.


Better? Maybe. Perfect? Hardly. Ana looks like she has sunburns all over her skin.


Framing wise I was aiming for symmetry in this one – the water stream in the left with the trees/tall building in the right. Again, I would have used the tripod for a long exposure (to crate a nice smooth effect of the water stream) and the difusser to reduce the light intensity. I cropped also the bottom side of the image and fix the rock dents.


In the next image, my aim was to play with the reflection of Martin and Ana on the black rock. Brighten up the colors a little, remove the unwanted elements from the black rock and also crop the bottom side of the image a little bit were also goals for this image.


And the result


Moving on.


I like pretty much the original image. I decided still to tempered with the contrast/ luminosity and to try to crop the image. Here I could have use also a reflector or a light source to bring a little more luminosity on the subject.



I think the final result looks slightly better.


In terms of framing and perspective I got what I wanted. In post-processing I wanted just to see if a different cropping will result in a better photo. The contrast/brightness has been adjusted in spite of the hard light coming from the sun.



The cropping image looks certainly better (at least in my opinion).

In the next image I didn’t want to crop anything. Just a littlebit of post-processing, “playing” with the light/contrast and brighten up the colors with the “color burn” tool in Photoshop.

The original image looks like this.


I removed also the light reflector from the image.


In my final image selected I decided to remove in post-processing the ice-cream cart and “fix” the pavement. It was the image I worked on it the longest. Not really sure because I don’t have adequate Photoshop skills or because it was indeed a challenging job.



And the black-white variation


As a conclusion , after many images I observed that I need additional lighting sources and in some cases (especially in hard light conditions – when the light from the sun comes directly on the subject) – a diffuser.


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