Photo shooting – Marina Bay

It was about time to go on another photo shoot. I picked a new location – nothing in common with the other ones – well maybe except for the fact that all of them are in the UAE. I was accompanied in this photo shoot by Lidia who was kind enough to walk around the city all day long (almost) on high heels.

As my gear, I used the Nikon D7100 with an AF-S DX Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens, with a hood mounted on. I only shoot in Manual Mode, mostly with Spot Metering on, in RAW format as usually, about 554 images in approximately 2h. I didn’t used the Exposure Compensation on any of the photo (still I’m having issues figuring out how to use it correctly). All of the images below have been tempered with in Adobe Photoshop CS 3.

Here it goes.


Framing wise and perspective wise I’m OK with the photo. The colors can be improved as per the image below. I’m curios if the model’s legs position would be switched (with her left leg up) what would be the result. Below is the image modified.


In the next image I was concentrated on the upper body. I really like the model’s pose in this one.Framing wise and perspective wise I’m also happy. The model is in focus and the background doesn’t have a bokeh effect, just like I wanted. I consider an OK image the next one. After tempering with it and turning it monochrome I’m even happier.



For the next one, I had to remove some elements from the original image. Also I had to change perspective completely. I find the final result much more appealing although I must admit, it’s an entirely new image. The contrast/luminosity has been also modified.



For the next image, for this kind of framing, I would have use a wide-angle lens to capture also more of the vertical background. Perspective wise I like how the metal handrail brings the image towards the viewer. I only played a little bit with the contrast/lightning.



Initially, when I shoot the next photo, I was having in mind a completely different framing for the image. The final result came only in post-processing, after experimenting with cropping and image effects. I think the result its much better than the original.



Moving on. In the next image, I had to remove some elements from the picture. If you have attention to details I think you can see even in the final result the cranes next to the buildings. I played around in Photoshop with the contrast/lightning. Unfortunately, because of the sun, the reflection on the building created an over-exposed formation on the building. Maybe here I could have used the exposure compensation to reduce the effects a little bit. I’m not sure – I will try it next time.



For the next one, the framing that I wanted initially would include the whole subject in the image. Only in post processing, I’ve notice that maybe if I reduce the framing concentrating on a close-up of my subject, I can obtain something better (at least in my vision of the image). I also tempered with the contrast/lightning.



In the next image, I’ve concentrated on the subject’s face to retouch some aspects that I saw fit to improve the image, also in the background I’ve removed some elements. I think it’s obvious that the colors/contrast/lightning conditions have changed.



Since the next photo was shoot next to a wall with an…interesting color choice, my vision of the photo was definitely monochromatic. I had to remove some elements and played around with the contrast/lightning. The final result looks slightly better. I think…



The only thing that bothers me with the next photo was the fact that the wind was blowing and the model’s blouse got a little volume.I didn’t pay attention in the beginning, I’ve discovered it in post processing. Also the lens hood was not fixed in position (noticeable in the corners of the photo) Framing wise and perspective wise is exactly how I picture it.



The next image is one of my favorite from the whole shoot. I like the perspective and the stairs in the image. I only picture it monochrome (I think it gives the biggest effect). I would have prefer maybe a more neutral face expression or maybe just a smile on the subject.



For the next one, I made use of the columns which I like a lot because they give the effect of the model being brought forward by the columns. Its also something I’ve seen in some photographers called “repetition”. I’ve experimented with different cropping options to re-frame the photo and the final results (at least in my vision) its best (this way I emphasize more on the columns and the model without being distracted with the floor) .I’m happy with the monochromatic image in the end.



From my next image I could have obtained countless other images with different perspectives. The one that I liked best is attached below. I used the cropping tool intensely and also the contrast/lightning have been altered as well. I’ve also removed some elements from the original. Again, monochromatic I think it looks best.



Regarding the next image I was 50/50 to either leave it exactly like the original (in terms of framing) or crop it a little bit (to zoom in a little bit on the subject). I like the model’s pose in this one and especially I like the background. I decided to leave it exactly like the original. I’ve only tempered with the contrast and the lightning.



Finally, it was afternoon, towards the end of the photo shoot, so I decided to try to make a “long exposure” (and by long I mean about 2 sec). It was a little bit windy (you can tell the model’s hair and parts of the dress are not in focus). I decided to crop it a little bit to emphasize the model. It was an OK photo overall. The result is not splendid, but still better than the original (at least in my view).



As conclusions, I need to try out the Exposure compensation option on the camera. Need to work also more on observing details on the camera display after I’m taking the photo. This way I can readjust and guide the model to change something.

Regarding the long exposure, I need to try it when the light is even lower (dusk/evening/ night).


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