The Dove King

As I know the best way to learn something new is to go out there and make some mistakes, grabbed my camera and went to a park to shoot some images. Mostly I’ve tried on different camera settings – exposure compensation, shooting in aperture priority or in shutter priority.

Now, my learning curve was not (entirely) in the photo session itself, but on the way back from the shoot.

Before of that, have you ever wonder what does an old dove (the bird) looks like? Well I never did wonder. I just saw them fly all the time, I don’t even notice them. You look around all day long at them and all of them look alike. All young.

Today, I’ve learn how does an old dove look like. Its amazing.



Not grey. Not black or white. Its something in between. He looks like he’s wearing an old coat that passed the test of time. You can barely see the legs because of the growing hair. He’s majestic. But this is not an ordinary dove I tell you – its the King of all Doves


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