Photo shooting – Dubai Marina

I went outside recently again in Dubai Marina, trying out some new techniques. Again I used a Nikon D7100 with a AF-S DX Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens, with a hood mounted on. I only shoot in Manual Mode, mostly with Spot Metering on, in RAW format as usually, about 350 images in approximately 2h30min.

The post processing was done this time in Lightroom and Photoshop CC (yes, I bought them because I want to provide a premium product and using a counterfeit outdated software was not the way to do it). About Lightroom I only have one word: WoW. The possibilities are endless. It took me between 30-40 min per photo to modify it (mostly because I don’t know my way in the software options and effects). In the same time, I realized I have to develop a workflow (the steps not only when I prepare for a shoot but also in post-processing)

I applied all sorts of effects to the photos that created an inconsistency when it comes to how bright/dark/colorful are the photos.

Here it goes.

In the first one, I tried to capture the subject, skyscrapers and the sky in the same photo without using a common perspective. I’m OK with the final result. I’m pretty sure, color wise, I didn’t achieved the full potential of this image.


Again, same target in mind. Subject, skyscrapers, sky. I had to change perspective and used the hand rail to guide the viewer to the subject. The colors honestly are not WoW but I’m still adjusting.


In this photoshoot I had a little bit of luck and the sun didn’t bother me that much. I’ve noticed how to shot when a diffuser (the clouds) block the hard light of the sun. I like in this one the intersecting elements in the photo: the skyscraper with the bridge and the hand rail.


Later Edit : I added also the image I recently visualize (only the head shot). I wish it would be more crispier /sharp but even RAW  format has its limitations when it comes to zoom in on a fraction of the original image.


I think in this one, I’ve retouched a little bit too much the subject’s smile. Perspective wise and frame wise, is exactly what I wanted from this image. The colors also could have been…different a little bit.


In the next one I could have made a warmer tone of the image (apparently my Nikon has a tendency to shoot “cold” images in terms of color tonality from what I noticed – maybe I’m mistaken). I consider this a common image – nothing stands out.


Framing wise the next one is a little off – the subject is exactly where I wanted but the buildings in the background are not captured entirely. I like the warmer tone obtained in Lightroom.


I made a few tests with the next image – I tried to crop it more to bring the subject more as part of the image. Below is the original photo, I didn’t post the result although I like more the result. Also I would have preferred a warmer tone of the image.


The next one is my favorite image from the whole shoot. I like everything about the image, especially the sincere smile of the subject.


The next one is my second favorite image. I would have preferred more skyscrapers so the subject would be surrounded. I think the cold tone of the image fits perfectly with the color of the skyscrapers and the color of the sky.


Later Edit : I found another one I like just because the picture was mundane without any prior preparation in place (pure street photography)


Few photos I modified in a black-white chromatic in this photo shoot. I think this chromatic worked for this image.


I wish I had a diffuser in the next one to block the sun from the sideway and a reflector to bounce the light from the front. Of course I could have done this thing also in Lightroom but I’m not fully familiar with all its functions yet.


No 3 in my top 3 favorite images from this photo shoot. Maybe in my next image I will “work” on the staircase more, removing the stains on the steps. Perspective wise and framing wise, the image has been cropped from the original one. Below is the result.


Same background/environment, different angle and pose for the subject.


For the next image I think I got carried away. I liked the background so much and the perspective of Dubai Marina, that I forgot to instruct the subject to position itself fallowing the rule of thirds (in this image I think the perfect place was right between the yachts where that water patch is). Not to mention I stood still and I didn’t move at all through the whole 20-25 shoots I took of the exact same elements.

I shot the image below exactly like an amateur who never held a camera before ever in his life.


As a conclusion, I need to work more on my Lightroom/Phtoshop skills.There is an obvious inconsistency when it comes to creating images with the same color temperature/ luminosity. Apparently, some “composition” refreshers would not hurt also.


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