Down-town Dubai

So I decided to take a walk around Down Town Dubai since it was a Public Holiday and the city s mostly empty. I grabbed my camera and head out to an area very close to Burj Khalifa. Again I used a Nikon D7100 with a AF-S DX Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens, with a hood mounted on. I only shoot in Manual Mode, mostly with Spot Metering on, in RAW format as usually. I walked around aprox 2h-2h30 min and I shot aprox 260 photos. I wanted to catch the whole architectural details of the buildings so I lowered down the f-stop.

The post processing was dine in Lightroom and Photoshop. Some images I love how they came out other less. Still struggling with Lightroom. I need to make some presets to work a little faster. It still takes a lot to modify an image and most of the time I’m testing the output (I don’t know how the image is going to look in the end when I start to work on it).

Here it goes.


I like how the building details came out in the end. I wish I would work on the cloud in the left to remove that “orange/yellowish hue”. Not the best image in the set but still I like sme elements in it.


This is one of my favorite images in the whole shoot. I’m a little surprise to see that the quality is not the same as in the original image on my laptop (in the image on my laptop the sun rays have more details and you can actually distinguish sun rays not just something big and bright coming from the building). Maybe its because of the hosting partner I used or maybe because I shrinked the image before uploading)


What is street photography and architectural photography without the “classic black and white”?


With this image I reached the conclusion that Lightroom works best with printing. This looks much more vivid and powerful in the original image. The colors  seem to fade away after the upload and also there is a lot of noise in the image. Maybe I’m to critical, I don’t know.


In this one I liked the reflection element. Framing wise its a little bit strange the image (its not symmetrical on a horizontal axis and its also the “rule of 3rd” concept doesn’t apply). Here its a good example of “let me take this photo because it looks nice like this” disregarding any composition rule. I’m not saying its bad, I like the result and the vivid colors of the image. I only wonder if I would have framed it differently.


Dubai Opera and a “preset” of my own which I applied to this image. #DubaiOpera . I took quite a few shoots at the Dubai Opera. I tried to play around with the perspective.


The next one I feel it looks OK in color but I also wonder in B&W if the result is completely different?


I like the perspective in the image below.


The next one is in my top 3 images from this shoot. I like how the sun is coming out from the trees and the contrast between nature and city.


The mighty Burj. Framing wise I would have preferred to capture the Burj a little bit in the right so the image would have a perfect symmetry.


I found very interesting the black cubes in front the apartment complex. Too bad, at the moment I didn’t find a creative perspective to take the shot. This image is pretty common.


In the next one I liked the area very much. I would have preferred more vivid colors on the image. Surprised I didn’t pursue more improving the image. Honestly, it looks dull. Maybe next time it’s a good idea to try it in B&W.


The next image was cropped so symmetry can be obtained. I liked very much the arches in this image.


This is one of my favorite types of environment. A “relaxed chilled port-type” without the busy life.


I think I exaggerated again with the tilted perspectives. I need to remember in the future to try different angles when I shoot so I can have more options in post-processing. I like the colors and the set-up of the image a lot.


In the next one, I liked the pillars. I would have preferred a bigger blurring effect. I should have changed the F-stop.


Neo-futurims  in the heart of Dubai.


An addition, a small anecdote. While I was taking the image above, I was looking next to me to an old Chinese couple. The old lady was posing for her hubby, standing and smiling. The old man was sitting on his bum, on the ground, with a grey Lumix travel camera, trying to get her wife completely in the image with the Burj Khalifa. In my mind I was thinking, I will not interrupt, let the man take the photo and after I will offer to take a photo of both of them. So I approached them after he was done and offer to take both of them a photo with the Burj. He sees me with a professional camera, with my backpack looking like I know wha I’m doing. He gives me the camera,  I sat on my elbows and knees and pointing the camera up from the lowest ground point I could, took 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 photos…getting up walk up to him.

Now he’s pushing the “review your photos button” and to my surprise, there were no photos taken – only the ones with his wife. I’m thinking – maybe he doesn’t have space on his memory card anymore. He’s telling me:

  • One more please!

Ok. I’m going again. Again I’m sitting on all 4. Struggling, take another 3 – 4 – 5, getting up and show him the camera. Again – shock. No images. What is going on here? He checks the camera, settings and he’s giving me the camera and tells me:

  • One more please

Ok. It’s fine. Don’t worry, I have time. Again I’m sitting on all 4. Struggling, take another 3 – 4 – 5, looking carefully at the screen this time. Bringing again the camera to him. He’s looking at the images, still no image there. Guess what he does next?

He pushes (hardly) the shutter button and the camera takes the picture. Yes, you guess it, I’m planning to be a pro photographer one day and I couldn’t even press a shutter release button properly. I laughed with tears in my eyes.


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