Al Bastakiya and the Souk

In the last month I took a longer break due to the holidays. At the end of December I decided to visit Al Bastakiya (a possible future shooting location). Same camera – Nikon D7100 with the same lens – AF-S Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G VR with a hood mounted on. I shoot in Aperture priority this time and in Shutter Priority with Auto-ISO on in RAW format. I used Spot Metering and Zone Metering on with either 9 or 51 focus points active.

The post processing was done in Lightroom/Photoshop. Still struggling to find my way around it. It’s very complex and it covers most demands.  I experimented a lot with different hues (I made also some presets for future use). Below this is what I got.

On my way there, I stumble upon a very mixed area, between new and old. I like the repetitive pattern in this photo.


In the next one, I loved the pavement and the feeling of “being at home”. The bikes are just left outside and in the background you can see people relaxing on the chairs.


The Gas Trucks – a common site you see in the suburbs. I loved also the authentic background. From Saloon and Mobile stores until Supermarkets and Textiles shops.


And I arrived in Al Bastakiya. History is everywhere here. I imagined the photo here divided in 3 : the green, the bench/wall and the floor.


The next image I would have preferred to crop it more from the left side and have a bigger view on the right. I was focused on the lamps.


I loved the symmetry in this one. I found this picture much more attractive in b/w than in color.


Perfect to have a romantic cup of coffee or a Moroccan Tea. Still so strange to find a Christmas tree in this location .


I saw this image as a big contrast between the green (life) and the walls/floor (lifeless form).


In the next one I just liked the sunlight how is reflecting on the building and the building reflection on the floor.


This type of place will always remind me about Dubai – only the tea and a Sheesha is missing.


In the next one I liked the door a lot. The wooden color and the model handcrafted on it.


There were a lot of UAE flags on this alley and it seemed like a Celebration. The angle is a little bit awkward (I mean I would have taken the picture different if I knew the final result).


I found this part of the tower beautiful from this angle. Revealing the test of time on the walls, having also on top clouds and a clear sky exactly like in any country’s history – this is one of my favorite top 3 in this photo shoot.


In the next one I loved the contrast between the buildings and the sky. Also liked the architecture again.


Looking at the next one I immediately think about Zorro or the Assassins Creed games. Perspective and composition wise I like the tower in the middle with the sky and the UAE flags sideways.


The only thing missing from the next one was one person sitting directly where the sun light beam is illuminating the alley. I think that would have been a great image. At the least in my humble opinion.


Walking around Al Bastakiya, at some point you can discover a genuine Bedouin tent with all the pots that used to be used by the locals long ago. I like this image because of its authenticity.


In terms of perspective and framing this is exactly what I wished for from this image. In terms of colors I wish I could have made more combination to see which one fits best.


One of my favorite top 3 images from this shoot. I like the composition and the colors after post processing.


For the next one I’m not very happy with the framing /perspective. In terms of color, the only acceptable (at least in my view) combination was b/w.


This is an image of a roof. I loved the wooden color and the texture of this.


The next one I like it especially for the convergence – the alley converges in the white building in front. I think it would have been perfect if a person would walk by and the timing would change to that exact time.


Al Fahidi’s Fort Wall


A Street full of textile shops in old part of Dubai. Love this atmosphere.

Abra’s crossing the creek. They cost 1 dirham (aprox 30 $ cents) and they will get you from one side off the creek to the other. I liked the whole dynamic in the Creek Side.


Another way to go around Dubai is in the Tour Bus – Hop On, Hop Off. I liked the image’s perspective giving the feeling you are right there in traffic.


And this is the amphibian bus. The rest of the photo breathes Middle East – all white cars and the Arabic architecture. Of course when I took the photo I didn’t took into consideration everything – it was just a perfect timing.


Did I said amphibian? Below is the reason why.


I like this explosion of color in the Souk (Souk in Arabic means Market).


Textures and colors. This is what I liked the most about this image


Typical Arabic lamps. Seen them many times in coffee shops.


Spices…peanuts…different herbs…colors and colors


Handmade jewelry


This ends my photo shoot. Typically there is a place for every culture in Dubai’s cosmopolitan environment. Discovering an Indonesian artifact shop was amazing.



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