Al Bastakiya – Colors and Details

As I was walking around Al Bastakiya in the old part of Dubai, I just got a moment of inspiration to capture a different type of perspective. I went from seeing the big  picture to capture the small details that we usually overlook.

As in terms of equipment I used the same camera and lens – Nikon D7100 with AF-S Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G VR with a hood. I shoot in Manual Mode only, in RAW format. I used Spot Metering. All the Post-processing was done only in Lightroom no Photoshop. The photo session lasted aprox 1h and no more than 100-120 frames were shot.

I used the biggest Apperture possible. Sometimes in some images the Shutter Speed was around 1/60s. If I remember correctly there were a couple of shoots that I used also the “Auto-ISO” on.

One thing has changed in Post-Processing since my last sessions. I started to develop a workflow and because I’m using my own Customize Presets, I can run very quickly through all the different pictures and the way they look in different chromatic options. The post processing (including the selection time) took me about 4-5h for about 120 images. Only 29 made the cut for display.


I’m wondering with a Macro Lens what was the result for the next one?


The next one is one of my favorite image since I’ve started in photography. Its in my top 3 favorites. I love the contrast between the padlock and the door. And the door color in this light is …


I couldn’t decide if the next one looks better in B/W or in my custom chromatic option. I’ve posted both of them.


And in this chromatic it reminds me of the battle chariots from Ancient Roman time…


The same goes for the next image. It was a question to go B/W or my custom chromatic option.


And the other option would be…


A different perspective of looking at the same object…


What I found interesting in the next image was the fact that the painting was huge (7 m by 3 m high – 20feet by 10 feet high) and it was consisting only from arabic letters.


Wood through the ages. Imagine for how many people this wood provided support.


And sometimes its also best to look up. You never know who’s watching


Everyone dealt with a lot of boxes through the life. How many times you see a wooden box which hides such a valuable thing. This is how Art “traveled”.


In the next images, I’ve displayed a new perspectives on…doors…this is the first one…


This the the second one


This is the third one


The fourth one


And the last one


Fallowing with a set of images about … rocks


I would have loved the next image even more if the whole image was in focus. On the spot, I didn’t checked the sharpness level after I shot it. You can tell its blurry. The chromatic is exactly what I wanted however the sharpness doesn’t exist.




And clean


For the next one I think t would have been a better idea to remove the wire for a clean interaction between the lamp and the wall…


I liked the wood color and the flowers in the background. It crates a strong contrast – at least in my view.


Usually I take into consideration the Rule of 3rd- in this one seems I forgot about it.


Typical seating area in Arabic culture


In the next one I liked the chair’s model.


Even in the most difficult conditions you can grow – this is how I would define this cactus that grown green between sand and rocks


Another way to look at a tree


Let you guess the object and the perspective of this one


These are the stairs leading to one of the most nicest cafe in Al Bastakiya


Some things stayed together even in spite of the test of time – this is how I visioned this image.




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