Kite Beach – Details and Colors

Again to Kite Beach – again to make some mistakes with the camera so we can learn from them. Around 9AM I was on the Kite Beach next to Jumeira Road in Dubai.

I used the same camera and lens – Nikon D7100 with AF-S Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G VR with a hood. I shoot in Manual Mode only, in RAW format. I used Spot Metering. All the Post-processing was done only in Lightroom no Photoshop. The photo session lasted aprox 1h and 160 frames were shot. The post processing (including the selection time) took me about 4-5h. Only 27 made the cut for display.

I’m glad in recent photo shootings I started to adjust my shooting mode – I no longer shoot for quantity but for quality. I take into consideration more things before pressing the shutter button. Thus I dropped from hundreds of photos taken to maybe 25-30% of what I was shooting before. I stated also to find some positive aspects in my photos, which I think is a step forward.

The first image from the set I chose it because I find very calming. I find it very relaxing. I removed a lot of elements from the original image. The colors are obviously tempered with. I like the final product.


The next one was taken based on the same principle : sea, freedom, relaxation, endless possibilities.


Moving on to our first friend we made today. This is the maximum zoom I was able to achieve. The Aperture was wide open because I wanted to catch only our friend’s details. I’m glad even the original image (6000×4000) has all the details in place. Lightroom intervention was minimum for this image.


Our next friend was capture in a slightly different manner. I wanted to be at the ground level and capture all 3 elements as well (earth, water and sky). I would have preferred a more blurred background and foreground.


Chaos – this is what I would define this image. Small, big, cracked, full, upside down, inside out shells. Sometimes I think its better to interrupt fallowing a pattern, not fallowing symmetry or other rules.


The next one is one of my favorite images from the whole shooting today.I shoot a set of 10-12 images with the waive crashing – this one I liked the most. I think the waive would be even more in focus if I had increased the shutter speed and focusing on the waive rather than the wooden logs on the left.


The more I look at the next image, the more I think it would have been better in B/W. Maybe next time.


I like the blurred background and foreground on the next one. What I don’t like is the angle in which I approached the image. I was supposed to be a little bit higher. At least in my artistic view. Only Lightroom was used to bring out the colors in the image.


The next one is also in Top 3 Images from the set I shoot today. I’m glad that even the RAW file came out very sharp. I’m starting to fall in love (again) with my camera and my lens.


I’m 100% sure that the next image would look amazing if it was not tilted. I loved the contrast between the wooden/rope and the sky/sea. I dont know why I’ve tilted the image. Lack of inspiration maybe.


And this is the full fence where I tried the perspectives above.


The next image enters in my Top 5 All time images taken – in my humble heart. My “friend” came out in perfect focus top to bottom. The image is a little bit tilted. I loved the whole vibe of the image.


Golden Shells Rocks – would be the title of this image. At some point the sea washed away all the shells in one corner of the beach (yes, the beach has corners in Dubai – that’s how cool it is around here hahaha )


Dramatic touch – added a dramatic touch in Lightroom for the next one.  Its the top side of a wooden log.


From the original image, I removed a lot of the elements for the final product. Here it is.


I like the colors a lot in the next image. And I love the contrast. A lot of Lightroom time was put in this image.


The first time I’ve picture the next image in my head, I was imagining a glacier. I would have like that the whole wooden should have been in focus so the full texture would be displayed. The left part is out of focus.


Most beautiful shell I’ve seen so far today at the beach.


There are 2 essential differences between the next 2 images : the first one is tempered with in Lightroom for a much warmer tone while the other is modified towards a much colder tone. I tend to think the second image is nicer.


And the one with the colder tone overall :


Wooden texture – my weakness.


The photoshoot ended with some concept images with the main focus being an – umbrella. Here it goes.


And with a different perspective :


And of course B/W – although I wish the umbrella would have been position a little bit different – in the same time I could have tackle the image differently of course. I tried to crop the image and I got much more better results.


Different angle all together :


With a retro effect (its one of my presets in Lightroom). Its a strange image the next one. And not “interesting strange” but “creepy strange”. At least in my “artistic eye”.


And last one :



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