Fish,diamonds and star dust

What does all the above have in common? You can find all of them and much more in the old part of Dubai. Deira Fish Market, Dubai Gold Souk, Deira Creek.

I went today on the other side of the Creek to learn more – not only about photography but also about Dubai. The weather was rainy today, 21 degrees around 10AM. Below there is also a map with the exact location of my “quest” today.


I used the same camera and lens – Nikon D7100 with AF-S Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G VR with a hood. I shoot in Manual Mode only (sometimes with AUTO-ISO on), in RAW format. For a few shoots I used the Flash because the light was quite low and by using the ISO I would have to go above 6400 making the image useless. I used Spot Metering. All the Post-processing was done only in Lightroom no Photoshop. The photo session lasted aprox 2h and 99 frames were shot. The post processing (including the selection time) took me about 4-5h. Only 35 made the cut for display. Not all of them are “post-card material” however all of them represent something in today’s shoot.

Here it goes


I used the Flash since the light was quite low. I couldn’t stress to much the fishermans with trying a new angle for the shoot but I would have preferred a more close approach on the fish sections. I was overwhelmed actually with all the smiles and the “welcoming behavior” even tough I told’em I’m not buying anything – just I want to take a photo.


Line up and ready to go. I used the Flash option again. Framing wise is exactly what I wished from the image.


I just remember the movie Predator after I’ve seen this shoot. The next shoot will help more in clearing the mistery.


For the next image I don’t know exactly whats the name of this “sea fruit”. The same – Flash used and the post processing in Lightroom.


I don’t see an priceless artistic value with the next image – I just wanted to zoom in on the tentacles and maybe catch the octopus eyes. Mission failed.


For the next image I think I catched also the fish’s eggs on top of its head (ok, I don’t know if fish is the correct term and also I don’t know for sure if that is the head).


Moving on to some life forms that I actually know their name and seen them before.


The same goes for the next image as well. Delicious!


For the next “fellows” I never had the pleasure to taste them. Next time I should ask if there is a restaurant in the area who can cook all these “guys”.


After all these creatures, I managed to find also some regular fishes. I didn’t had the best inspiration when I took the picture. If I look back now, I’s quite a common/dull image.


And last one from this set.


The next set was shoot in the Gold Souk. Same day. Same camera and lens. The images don’t really aim for an artistic value. The perspective is the same for all the images – me outside the window shooting. I played around with the images a little bit in Lightroom. This is the result.


Different image with a different preset applied.


Only diamonds in the next one.


Back to gold. To a lot of gold.


With different displays. Violet.






And for my own info – this is the price of gold today in the Souk (1$ = 3.68 AED):


Moving on to a new set – spices. This is my favorite set from the shoot. If the images look a little bit grainy, its because I stopped using the Flash and switch to the AUTO-ISO for these ones.


I don’t know the names of all, I just know these look good on camera.


Red was missing of course (so my country’s flag is complete now)


In the next one, the cosmic level of noise can be easily seen.


The above image plus the next one are in Top 3 Images from today’s shoot.


More colors. And textures.


Next one look very similar to a sweet desert.


Zoom in even more.


The smell was so nice. And people were burning this to each store.


And there were many more.


The last set has the least number of images. I was getting a little bit tired from all this walking. This is the famous “Abra” – the 1 dirham per crossing boat.


Lunch Break


I found the next image so typical for Dubai : in the foreground the old type of ships and the background the new modern ones. Its typical because in Dubai the old culture comes together with the modern one. And Arabic culture comes together with the Western and Eastern World.


In the next image, the “wise guys” putting things together.


And last image for the day.



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