Souk Madinat Jumeirah – Colors,details and reflections

Packed my camera and went today to “make some mistakes” in Jumeirah District in a place called Souk Madinat. It was mostly cloudy outside with temperatures reaching 21-22 degrees C. I arrived on site around 10:30 – 11:00AM.

The gear for today was the same as always – Nikon D7100 with AF-S Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G VR with a hood. I shoot mostly in Manual Mode, a little bit in Aperture priority or Shutter priority(sometimes with AUTO-ISO on), in RAW format. I think Manual priority fits best to me. I used Spot Metering. All the Post-processing was done only in Lightroom no Photoshop. The photo session lasted approx 1h30min and 166 frames were shot. The post processing (including the selection time) took me about 6-7h. Only 31 made the cut for display. Not all of them are “post-card material” however all of them represent something in today’s shoot.

My idea was to reflect as much of the buildings/trees in the water as I can. I had some limitations (I was on a bridge and I couldn’t lower/raise my angle. This is the best I could do. I consider it an “ok” image – nothing wow about it. Regarding the chromatic, the only choice that worked for me was in b/w. I’m a little bit disappointment that in “web view” the image doesn’t look sharp like it actually is.


The next image was shoot with AUTO-ISO function on – that’s why is a little bit grainy. I concentrated in the image on a single Lamp (shoot on purposely with 4.2 Aperture). I wish I would change the angle a little bit – leaning towards the lamps.


I liked a lot the different elements composing the next image – realistic elements (objects that you can actually used as a tool) with made-up objects (replicas of animals or other jewels or treasure chests). I loved the ray of light and the contrast I made in post processing.


An Iranian rug store – is the place where I shoot the next image. I liked the feeling of the store. I opened the lens as wide as I could for concentrating only on a point inside the store.


Architectural – the whole Souk Madinat complex fits perfectly with the Emirati architecture lines.


Symmetry – that was my number one aim in the next image. In post processing I’ve noticed the only acceptable option is b/w – but not in a high/medium contrast – but light and bright.


Again in the next image – my only aim was to deliver again a casual image with the architecture and the environment.


I just like the cube in the middle of the pole with the Arabic inscription. I don’t know what it means – I just tried to capture an interesting perspective.


In the next image – my main aim was to capture again this combination – buildings/sky.


Zoom in on details – on the golden part of the drapes. The final result was post processed in terms of color adjustment.


I picture the fallowing image differently. First of all I would wish to have capture a cloudy sky. Second the perspective doesn’t say much for the image. I wish I could have spent more analyzing and changing the shooting perspective.


For the next one I tried to shoot through the plants to try to capture an interesting image of a/the bird(s). I loved the chairs colors that go hand in hand with the environment.


Overall I like the next image, except a few elements. Perspective wise I think it would have worked better if I would shoot more from the left side thus catching more water/other restaurants in the background and try to leave out the umbrella. Other elements of the images, such as the bird (that was captured in focus) and the nice bokeh are exactly as I imagined the picture.


The next image is taken based on the principle of “post-card image”. It was post processed in Lightroom (I don’t know why I keep repeat this because of all of my images are post-processed in Lightroom – at least). The colors are not the most vivid colors I worked with. The sharpness in the “web version” doesn’t look the same as when the image is in full resolution.


The next one is in Top 5 Images from this photoshoot. I picture it shooting it in a low expose and then post processed the design on the pot by adding the color and soft brightness.


Main focus in the next image was the metallic pillar but I didn’t want to have the background in a bookeh effect. As in chromatic options, I tried all options – the best came out in b/w.


For the next one, I think I over processed the image (the clarity levels I think are quite high so the glasses look funny now). At least in my vision.


 My only aim for the next image was to have everything in focus and to catch also the sky. The image was taken with “postcard image” concept in mind.


A multitude of elements – this is what defines this image. I liked the idea of combining all of these elements and colors (water – blue with trees – green with chairs – red and the pillars – black). I took this image also because I need to make a collection for my “location set up” (when I present a location for a photo shoot to anyone I like to show them some images from the location)


The next image was absolutely a joy when I first shoot it. I liked it so much on the camera screen. In post processing I realized it – the Burj Al Arab is not completely shown in the image – the top side is cut). This was a huge disappointment for me because this is one of my favorite images from the shooting.


With the next one I played around a little bit in Lightroom trying to get a post-Apocalyptic effect.


My aim was to focus on the metallic chandelier and have the building behind in a bokeh effect. I tried different chromatic combinations – I decided to stick with this one in b/w


Again an image reminding me of the game Assassins Creed.


The next image is certainly in Top 5 Images from today’s shoot. Now if I look closely at it I start to wonder how it would have looked like all in b/w.


The textile industry is booming in Dubai. So many cultures and nationalities have this type of vivid dresses that creates an explosion of color.


Inside this is the architecture of Souk Madinat. I like the arches in particular because they’re made of wood.


I’m a big fan of houses/establishments next to water canals. Perspective wise, this image gives me the impression is tilted. I don’t know why.


For the next image I would have preferred to have a model on the bottom of the stairs. I think it would have been a great shoot.


Wood – my favorite material to shoot. Certainly this is in my Top 5 Images for today. The images look much better than when I originally picture it in my mind when I took the shoot. The repetition looks so much nicer than what I taught is going to look.


Corner light – this is the name of the fallowing image. I liked the low dimmed light surrounded by darkness.


The last image selected represents a store in which you can find everything from key chains and fridge magnets to Iranian rugs and Arabic lamps.



4 thoughts on “Souk Madinat Jumeirah – Colors,details and reflections

  1. Hi Nick,
    How long did all this photo uploading take you? I like the photos with the patterns and the urns. I am always trying to improve my blog photography, and I’ve blogged about photography often. Maybe you can check out my site. I blog over at


    1. Hi Janice,
      Thank you for taking time to check out and like my post. To upload the images on a third party site – I use Photobucket – it takes aprox 25-30 mins per 30 images. After that, to upload them on my blog it takes another 10-15 min max.
      I will certainly check out your blog.
      Have a great day Janice,

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