Desert Safari – Dunes, seeds and fire

About 10 days ago I went in a Desert Safari with Arabian Adventures in a Reservation 1h driving from Dubai. I did about 400 photos (many of them are taken with my colleagues) – I used the same camera and lens – Nikon D7100 with AF-S Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G VR with and without a hood. I shoot in RAW format in Manual Mode with Spot Metering on. The weather alternate – the sun came out from the clouds now and then. Temperature was about 25degres C (a little bit lower in the evening). All the Post-processing was done in Lightroom and Photoshop. I shot for around 4h. The post processing (including the selection time) took me about 5-6h. Only 29 made the cut for display. For liability reasons (I didn’t had the written agreement) I didn’t post any images with other people since I don’t have their consent.

I had some perfect moments for shooting I must admit. The next image doesn’t excel in any aspect – I find it actually quite dull. But I had to start somewhere.


What I like the most about the next one is the sand marks on the dunes left by the wind. The image is heavily tempered with from basic exposure-contrast settings to the chromatic and “sky adjustment” individually.


In the next image I tried to change my perspective and try to stop photograph things so literally. I was aiming for something abstract.


In the next image my biggest fail on that day photo shoot is so obvious : I got a lot of sand on my lens and when I shot without any zoom my image was full of dust (spots). On the spot in the desert I didn’t realize. Ive tried to cover as much “dots” as I could but you can still tell the “dust spots” in the image.


The next images contain 3 variations of the same image (I loved the perspective and the original image – as in framing and perspective).

The first one


The second one


And the third one


Again, in the next one nothing special. For some images, after I shoot them and I look in the camera I imagine a good image. And in afterwards, in post processing…


Camels and sheepherds – I like the pattern and the contrast between the camels and the “masters”. I removed some people in Photoshop to “clean” the image and restrict the perception only to the camels/sheepherds.


I like the next image because I tempered with it a lot less than other images. Its a clean image.


And the evening was approaching


And on the side of the camp, before entering the “fun land” I found some dry seeds which I found interesting.


I think the next ones are dates – I’m not sure.


Maybe wild berries in the next one


Not a single clue about the next one.


Same goes for the next one


And for the last one


Zoomed in on details again


I liked the pattern in the next one – one sheesha next to the other.


And of course representing the most intense tool for fun in the desert – the offroad trucks in which we do “dune bashing”


The next one is in Top 3 Images for the shoot. While one of my friends was taking a selfie I just got a crazy idea to try and capture the phone’s screen with my camera. I took a few shoots but one of them was the best one.


Even the clarity came out pretty good


And we’re moving on to fire.


And the next one I think is my favorite from the whole shoot. Cook’s preparing dinner.


For the next image, I was aiming to catch only the metallic reflection into the light without an other distraction. I liked also the repetitive pattern.




Torches – although its not the best/creative angle/perspective I shot from, I still like the image.


I went outside the camp and while all the camels were sleeping one of them was not. She never took her eyes off me while I walk around them. Beautiful creatures.


And last but not least


Very important note for self : carry a static cloth to clean the lens before shooting (or while shooting if the lens is getting dirty with dust spots). Especially in the desert.


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