A bridge

A few days back I was walking to another possible location where I can take some photos for my incoming projects. I was walking in Al Wasl Area and went towards Safa Park over Dubai Creek. And then I stopped. There he was. The most interesting bridge I’ve seen in Dubai so far

I took no more than 40 images – I used the same camera and lens – Nikon D7100 with AF-S Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G VR with a hood on. I shoot in RAW format in Manual Mode with Spot Metering on. The weather alternate – the sun came out from the clouds now and then. Temperature was about 29degres C. All the Post-processing was done in Lightroom and Photoshop. I shot for around 30min. The post processing (including the selection time) took me about 1-2h. Only 11 made the cut for display.

What I keep observing for a while now, that in web-display the quality of the images is remarkable diminished. The concept and the perspective is there – bu the details – for example the details on the piece of white iron don’t give the same sensation as you get when you watch the original image.


And no – I didn’t shoot taking into consideration “Rule of thirds”, “Golden Rule” and so on. I shoot taking in consideration “how would this piece of steel would look good”.


I couldn’t decide if it looks better with a part of the sky visible or not (below the bridge).


In the next one I like the sun rays of light (I said it before and I’m going to say it again – the images look so much better in their original size)


Again for the next one I couldn’t decide which is better – portrait or landscape view. I upload them both.


And the second


I like a little bit more the second one.

The next 2 images are my favorite from the whole set.


And the variation (which is actually a crop)


I’m wondering how would the next one would look in b/w


For the next one I wish I could have spend more time in Photoshop to remove more “things” from the image so the entire focus would be only on the bridge.


And the last image selected – again I would have preferred to remove additional “details” from the image so the whole focus would be only on the bridge.


I recently watched a video on Youtube from Ian Plant that change a lot my way of approaching a scene when it comes the time to press the shutter. The video is uploaded here.


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