Al Mamzar Beach

Thinking to diversify my locations portfolio I went to Al Mamzar Beach and Park to see if in the future I’ll come here, I have something I can work with. I was pleasantly surprise. From a man made lagoon, to a beautiful park I can find a lot of nice landmarks I can use.

I did about 150 photos – I used the same camera and my new lens – Nikon D7100 with AF-S Nikkor 50mm 1.8Gwitht a hood on. I shoot in RAW format only in Manual Mode with Spot Metering on. The weather was sunny and hot (if I can use this term in Dubai). Temperature was about 30 degres C. All the Post-processing was done in Lightroom and Photoshop. I shot for around 1h30 – this place is huge. The post processing (including the selection time) took me about 30h. For my blog only 18 images I will display.

I went there on Sunday (which in UAE is the first working day – so not many residents were there – just a few tourists)

The first one was taken outside the park, while I was waiting the gates to be open (it opens at 08.00 with Monday and Wednesday dedicated only to Females and boys up to 4 year olds). Anyways, the image I would call it – Lazy Morning.


The next one illustrates what I was mentioning earlier about the lagoon. The whole place looks like a resort (although its just a park and a beach – at least in theory). I liked a lot these very tall palm trees.


The next images represents a glimpse of a Bay watch Lifeguard shack. I liked the contrast between the color of the wood and the color of the sky.


I took also some dull/boring images – like the next one. Some of the images I took to illustrate the natural environment and the shooting location potential.


And some were taken with an artistic purpose in mind – like the next one.


The Beach – I liked a lot this beach because when you enter in the water, you do it slowly not abruptly. And yes, it looks exactly like in the movies. Maybe for me is something wow because I came from a “concrete city” however I still appreciate the whole “lagoon/beach” set up.


More rocks


I tried also a new effect while post processing the image – I didn’t like it very much but I just posted the image to remind myself to not over-edit the image and try to keep them as natural as I can.


On the beach there is also a “green” area to complete an amazing photography set up.


More and more rocks


The next image I took trying to test the lens to see exactly the “depth of field capabilities”. I’m very happy with the result I got to say.


Also in Al Mamzar Park, the fallowing landmark exists – from which you can see the entire park/beach area.


I found this combination (of wood and steel) very interesting so I tried a few angles and post-processing effects.


In the next one I tried to keep the original colors


And different angle – different hue.


And last but not least


And I also took some shots from the Park side.


And to put things in perspective



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