Photo shooting – Al Mamzar Beach

Went out and “tested” my latest location – Al Mamzar Beach and Park. One of my Romanian friend would like to start and sell some traditional Romanians items and we agreed to go out for a photo shoot. I did about 956 photos – I used the same camera and my old lens – Nikon D7100 with AF-S Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G VR with a hood on. I shoot in RAW format only in Manual Mode with Zone Metering on. The weather was very sunny – with hard light all around. Temperature was about 35 degrees C. All the Post-processing was done in Lightroom and Photoshop. I shot for around 3h30 – 4h. The post processing (including the selection time) took me about 35-40h. For my friend I prepared aprox 750 images out of which aprox 80 altered and for my blog only 21 to display. Except a few cases in which by mistake I focused on the wrong part of the image, most of the images are in focus, properly exposed.

I used also a reflector for some of them but the result still lacks … “finesse”.


The image was taken at a 112mm focal distance with 1/2500s and f8. What I like about the image? The chromatic, the model’s pose, the framing (I had to crop it to reach this perspective).  What I don’t like? Framing wise I didn’t catch also the model’s shadow (I think the image would have been more interesting), also the background with the bin and the ugly building make the picture stand out less.

The next image was taken at a 112mm focal distance with 1/2500s and f8 again. I like the framing a lot. I wish I would have been closer with the 50mm to try to catch her whole upper body in perfect focus.


For the next one, although I like overall the image and my point of focus was the upper body (because of the blouse) there are some things I would have tried to do different. First I would have tried to lower my point of shooting a little bit and tried to catch the whole model. Also the reflector used I think by mistake I used it to close to the models face and created by mistake a hard light.


In the next image I like a lot the pose and the color shade obtained in Photoshop. Maybe I would have tried to bounce a little bit of light on the other side of the models face. Overall, I like the image – its one of my favorite from this photo shoot.


The sky – is the only thing that bothers me about the next image. Looks dull. The image was taken at a 60mm focal distance with 1/1000s and f5.6.


I’d changed a little bit the perspective in the next image. The image was taken at a 50mm focal distance with 1/1000s and f5.6. I like the combining elements in the image. I would have preferred for the black hose on the bottom of the tree to disappear. I’m still if for the FB version I will spend the extra time to remove the hose in Photoshop.


The next image is in Top 3 Favorite this photo shoot. The image was taken at a 56mm focal distance with 1/1250s and f5.6. I love the environment and the contrast created with her skin/blouse and the background.


I don’t know why the next image reminds me of..Santorini. I like the clothes/sea/sky/sand combination. The pose is a little bit strange for me (her left hand is somehow strange). The sky again I would have preferred to be a little bit different.


I tried some variations for the next one but I reached the conclusion that the best option is b/w monochrome. The image was taken at a 75mm focal distance with 1/1000s and f5. I like the framing (n cropping involved).


The only think I like less about the next image, is the fact that the tree in the background was captured exactly positioned on „the models head”. I would have preferred for the model to be between the tree in the foreground and the tree in the background. This is purely a childish mistake – I didn’t paid attention to the whole image with all the elements. The image was taken at a 60mm focal distance with 1/1000s and f5.


Another „Top 3 Favorite” image – with a few notes of course. I like the image set up (I love the models pose in this one), the contrast between the blouse and the environment. The only thing that’s bothering me is the fact that I didn’t catch the whole body in the shot. I think I was undecided between her face and the whole body and this is what it came out.


I liked the pose and the perspective in the next one – the model looking up. The image was taken at a 95mm focal distance with 1/800s and f5.3.


Perspective wise – I love the next image. Was shot between a fence (like the one visible in the background). Was taken at a 100mm focal distance with 1/1000s and f5.


The next image is „la piece de resistance” . Its one of the images that I’m most proud of. I was planning to shoot it from this angle with this perspective and this „look” however the final result (after post processing of course) surpassed my expectations. I will attached both variations : color and b/w.


And the monochromatic version


In the next image I liked a lot the different angles produced by the wood running in all directions. As far as chromatic goes, I tried many variations, this one remained my favorite.


Again, I was looking for an interesting angle, an interesting look or pose. I think in the next image I got a little bit of all. The image was taken at a 20mm focal distance with 1/1250s and f5.6.


I did also a set of images while the model was throwing the hat up up in the air. I think the best one was with this genuine smile and the „joy of playing”.  The image was taken at a 27mm focal distance with 1/1250s and f4.7


If I had to redo the next image, I think I would have modify more the sky. Its so dull. Maybe even adding some clouds.


Only the eye I wanted to be in focus in the next image. As far as it goes for color variations, the only option to go was b/w. I know the eye is positioned in the…middle of the image but still I like the image.


And a little bit of attitude can go a long way.




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