Photo Shooting – Toddler

This was an old idea I had in my first “beginner in photography” days – I was thinking to shoot toddlers. Since I didn’t had the opportunity (the approach was quite difficult since I didn’t ha a portfolio) and also I was a newbie about photograph, I didn’t do it.

Until last month

I was home, back in Romania and with the help of 2 of my best friends I managed to shoot some pics of their love, an (almost) 1 year toddler which turned out to be very upset every time I tried to take his picture.

The equipment set up was the same (the Nikon D7100 with either the 140mm lens or the 50mm lens). Also, as a friend made a note, I think my posts are too long and tend to get boring at some point. Although, the blog was created just a keep track of my progress in photography, I started to share the same opinion,  at some point it gets boring.

So, I decided to share some of my favorite “work” – and I’m using this term generously since I’m not a photographer, just a photography enthusiast.

Here it goes


This image was shoot with the 1.8G 50mm lens with 1/2000s @ 1.8 and ISO pumped to 640. The weather was cloudy. The final touch was done in Photoshop/Lightroom. I like his image because first of all its candid – the toddler was focused on his mom and I took the shoot when he was looking at me. Secondly, I like the blue tonality in the left and although he has a sad face, it seems to fit.


How can I make a toddler shoot without the “foot in the mouth” pic?

This image was shoot with the 1.8G 50mm lens with 1/800s @ 1.8 an ISO pumped to 3200. The only light was the one coming from the window. Unfortunately, I tempered with the image and the colors don’t reflect quit the original luminosity.


And finally one small smile. The image was shoot with the 1.8G 50mm lens with 1/800s @ 1.8 with ISO pumped to 6400. The image was heavily retouched in Lightroom but the smile and cuteness are all original.

More selections are displayed on my Facebook

Hope to have soon the chance to make another shoot with my favorite toddler.


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