New project – Gourmet Presentation

Since sometimes I cannot find people to go out for a photo shoot and since in Dubai it started to be extremely hot to wonder the streets, I decided to approach also other photography “perspectives”. One of them is “Gourmet presentation” or in other words “Food Photography”.

I’ve looked for some vintage cutlery back home in Romania, recently started as well to look for some props and soon enough a few days back, my first session took place.

On a scale from 1 to 10 I’m happy with the result somewhere around 5…I’ve tried multiple angles, some camera settings and but with not enough patience (given also to the heat in the balcony) the results were …average at most.

Below I made a selection of my finest images during the shoot. I keep looking at the best food photographers like Francesco Tonelli and others in Top 10 World Wide and it seems I’m million miles away.


At the first glance it doesn’t seem that the cutlery is in perfect focus (this probable because of the low shutter speed). I’m happy with the colors and the slight “matte effect” applied however there is room for improvement.


I like the image in terms of colors (I’ve checked also how the image looks on a mobile device with the screen totally different then the screen of a laptop/desktop unit). I’m pretty sure that all the image was supposed to be in focus (which is not). As per the arrangement in the image, I think I’ve used too much parsley.


I like the set-up in this one but again I think there is an issue with the sharpness of the elements involved. I’m aware that for artistic value, a bokeh effect is quite often used however you can tell if a image supposed to have a bokeh effect and when an image is lacking focus.


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