Gourmet Presentation – Steak and fries

As I was saying a while ago, I decided that when I don’t have any shoots scheduled, I would still attend a photo assignment. Since Its extremely hot in Dubai these days (37 degrees in the morning before 9AM), the only photos I can take are the ones on my balcony.

I’m setting up the wooden plate on my balcony, and then I’m bringing slowly each ingredient, one by one.

The light isn’t perfect at all, however since I’m shooting on a tripod, I’m reducing the shutter speed as much as I can so a lot of light will come in and the whole image would look lit.

I will share exactly what I was thinking about when I shoot all the “winners” (“winners” is a term I use for images which I’m “ok” with to display)


The image above was done with the only purpose in mind to reflect the transition : from an empty pan to a lot of food. The set up is pretty simple; the sauce is actually ketchup and the red pepper is actually made of plastic. I shot at F14, 1.6s with a Zoom lens @38mm. The challenge was to actually position the tripod vertically above the set-up (this was the angle which I wanted to shot).


The steak was the next step. I removed some of the elements from the previous set-up, however I kept the camera vertically up. The image was taken at F9, 2 sec exposure, 34mm. The ISO was close to 100.


For the next one, I tried to get close to the “subject”. My focus was the meat itself. I shot at F9, 1/2sec shutter speed with the Zoom Lens @140mm.

Meanwhile, the fries were done. So I hat to change set-up’s completely. Off goes the meat and on goes the fries.


 The set-up was pretty much the same, just that I introduced the wedges, the potatoes (by the way, they’re not real – they’re made out of plastic). I shot at F16, 1/1/2s @ 20mm.

In the meantime, I’ve started preparing the meat.


Zooming in – I’m drooling over the wedges even now.


I’ve moved in closer. I do admit that because I kept the fries on the side for too long, the oil disappear and they look somehow faded. In the future, I need to keep this in mind.

The image was shoot at F16, 1/1/2s with the zoom to 34mm.


 After more than one hour of cooking, this was the set up with all the products in place. I added the grilled tomato (which in fact are actually grilled tomato, nothing fake over here). The shot is made at F16, 1/1/3s with 32mm zoom.


I like the image overall, in terms of set-up, colors and display, however there is one thing I don’t like – or I like a little less – its the steak. It doesn’t look delicious, it doesn’t look like you want to take a bit from your monitor to taste it. It looks honestly, like an old shoe.

As a conclusion, I liked the shoot, it taught me new things about “food photography”.

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