Photo shooting – Desert

Again desert. Only this time, it was early in the morning with the target in mind to catch the sunrise. And we did.

I shot with the same equipment, Nikon D7100 with my fav 50mm 1.8. Post processing was done in Lightroom/Photoshop on a new laptop I bought from one of my friends. The laptop works amazing (its a i7 2.5Ghz with 8GB RAM and 2GB video card). Compared to my old laptop (an i3 with 4GB of RAM), the new one is flying.

Let’s dive into it.


Coincidentally, this is one of the first images I’ve took and its my favorite image from the whole set. I love this silhouette. Its true that I’ve tempered a little bit with the colors, however I love the concept more than the chromatic.


Back lit. Next time I would like to try to reflect more light with a reflector disk when I have this pose (with the sun coming from the back towards the camera).



I like the next image, mostly because of the model’s motion, the sky and the sand. However I would have like it more if I delayed a little bit the moment when I pressed the Shutter (at least for a few steps more).


Free as a bird.


Solitude. Confidence. Independent

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