Couple Photo shoot – Souk Madinat

A few weeks back I went to Souk Madinat to shot a portrait session with an adorable couple. I was looking back at their recent images from their wedding and felt a little bit under pressure since their wedding photographer did an amazing job at their wedding.

Nothing changed about the equipment, same Nikon D7100 with a Nikkor 1.8 50mm used. It was early in the morning so not many people were around the Souk. Below I attached some of my favorite images.

The Photoshop/ Lightroom intrusion was minimum (I just played around with the Exposure levels, Shadows, Highlights, White/Black balance and a little bit of cropping).


I started to be a big fan of candid images especially when it comes to Couple Photography.


Again, I was aiming for a candid image, right before the kiss.


In the image above I specifically liked the natural environment as well as their shirts (which in fact are Romanian traditional shirts called “ie” – pronounced like the letter “e” in English together with the sound from “Ehhh” ….more or less)


The whole greenish-yellowish effect from the sun in the right upper corner is done natural. No Lightroom/Photoshop involved. I just loved the effect. Again, I was aiming for a candid shot not a staged one.


Another favorite of mine – the Couple was great at spontaneity and presence of mind when it comes to “pose”. They felt and looked extremely comfortable with one and other – and this helped me a lot.


Also the environment played a big role : all the buildings and the Arabic architecture and the fact that there were no people around, all worked for better images.


One of the final images on the shoot. I had to do some images in which they both were looking at the camera. I did more however this is one that I like the most.

For more images from this shoot, you can check my Facebook account here.

I posted some of them also on Instagram here


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