Photo Shoot – Al Bastakiya and Downtown

A few days back I had big plans of shooting in a traditional Arabic environment and I choose for this the old part of Dubai where I shot before – Al Bastakiya.

Early morning, around 06.00 we arrived on location and started shooting. Unfortunately after shooting for about 20 mins, we were approached by the Security guards from the location demanding to see the “Photo Permit” to shoot on location (photography is allowed in this location however “professional photography” is not –  probably they’ve seen me with my bag, my big camera and the fact that I was crawling on the floor all over the place to get the desired perspective).

I shot about 60-70 images and move on to another area in Dubai were you can find an “oriental traditional Arabic environment” – Downtown Dubai.

The camera/lens was the same – Nikon D7100 with the Nikkor 1.8G 50mm. I shot only in RAW as usual.

Today I received an unexpected news about a certain turn of events who makes me to rethink my “Social Media Presence”. Apparently, the website where I host all my images that I use to make the posts on this blog (Photobucket) has announced that the images hosted on their website will not be available in third party websites unless you upgrade the account.

Since my photography is at a level in which I’m mostly doing “community work”, I might restrict my number of posts on the WordPress platform or upload links with my full photo shoots displayed on Facebook or Pinterest. Still analyzing.

For today I will display a single image, a capture that I personally like a lot.


I like the model’s expression, the warm colors on the model’s face, the whole set up for the image. Still, as always, there is something that I like less (however for the moment I don’t know how to fix this issue in LR or PS) – equalizing the skin tonality, in this case, between the hands and the face/chest.

For the rest of the images from this shoot you can find them on my Facebook here or on Pinterest here.


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